TRGT Legal Services

Service of Process

TRGT Legal is a Nationwide leader in legal services including effectuating Service of Process.

Our licensed and certified process servers can effectively complete all types of service. We offer a turn key customizable solution and operate nationwide.

Get live updates as they happen, available online for your convenience. Our experts upload records of all attempts of service, notes on the person served, and if requested a phone call even be made to let you know service has been effectuated. The designated office personnel responsible for reports will have an affidavit of service prepared for filing with the court of origin making the process as simple as possible for you.

While TRGT Legal can faciliate many type of Process Serving, we specialize in the following areas of Service of Process:

  • Collections and Foreclosure Process Management
  • Summons and Complaint
  • Records Retrieval
  • Trial Subpoenas
  • Records Subpoenas
  • Deposition Subpoenas
  • Personal Subpoenas
  • Citations and Petitions
  • Landlord Tenant Services
  • Writs of Garnishment

Skip Tracing

Our experienced team of skip tracers utilize industry leading techniques for speed and efficiency, often eliminating the need to reissue process.

The moment you begin working with TRGT Legal, our analyst go to work tracking down subjects using public sector, private sector, and online databases for information that is not only assured to be up to date, but also is cross verified by our intelligence analyst. We commit to delivering our recommendation within 24 hours.

Rest assured our experienced skip tracers handle sensitive, confidential information with care. With industry standards becoming more stringent, you can trust that we are in the know, making best practices our every day practice.

With over 100 years combined law enforcement experience in our skip tracers, they track down subjects quickly, safely, and with discretion at the forefront of mind. When our experts track down the subject, they will complete a civil process service.

Investigative Services

Our Investigators are the experts you want when results are what you need.

With over 100 years of law enforcement experience, our investigators are astute, professional, detail oriented, and results driven.

TRGT Legal Investigation team can assist you in insurance investigations, covert video surveillance, scene investigation, statements, asset searches, child custody investigations, personal injury, product liability, worker's compensation investigations, pre-employment screening, employee theft investigation, as well as criminal defense investigations.

Given the sensitive nature of investigations, it is suggested you contact TRGT Legal to receive a free consultation so we may discuss your situation with you and build a custom solution plan to fit your needs.

Customized Background Check Solutions

Detailed Results. Customizable Solutions.

TRGT Legal can verify information from thousands of sources in a matter of seconds. Get actionable insights and peace of mind knowing who your bringing into your organization. This is critical in preventing fraud and criminals putting you or your company in a vulnerable position. TRGT Legal can assist you in getting actionable information in the course of hiring new employee's, reviewing potential leasee's, or any other need.

For years, we have been a trusted vetting tool for countless organizations, property manager's, and personal background references. When result accuracy is as critical as the time frame in which you get the results, you can count on TRGT Legal to always deliver.

We can pull many customizable report metrics such as Names, Aliases, Phone Numbers, Evictions, Social Security Numbers, Bankruptcies, Current and Former Addresses, Foreclosures, Liens, Judgements, Assets, and Criminal History. We can also facilitate business reports to offer details such as Current and Previous Employers & Executives, Corporate Bankruptcies, Liens, Judegements, or UCC Filings.

Court Services

Handling court services such as Evictions, Child Support Services, and Foreclosures can be complicated.
Let TRGT Legal make your court case a frustration free process.

TRGT Legal is very familiar with the Florida legal system. Our team knows the requirements, procedures, and staff within the courthouses and we understand the proper filing method to assure a fast and desired turn around. We have a network of legal professionals nationwide, standing by and waiting to help you.

We take pride in our reputation for results, professionalism, and transparency in The TRGT Legal Team. Our reputation as an industry leader has been earned by years of customer excellence in the court system, results driven outlook, and a highly experienced and knowledgeable team capable of handling any legal needs you may have.

We update you on the status of your case as it progresses and offers up to the minute updates on current status during proceedings. We also offer a free consultation to review your situation and form a plan of action going forward. Our intimate knowledge of the court system in Florida allows us to work with you and create a strategy that will bring you results.